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PPI was sold in large volumes before 2009. It developed into the biggest issue of financial mis-selling in recent years and has significantly damaged public trust in financial institutions.
An estimated £50bn+ worth of PPI policies were sold over the last 10-15 years by banks and lenders and so far over £21billion has been paid to over 12 million consumers.
Since PPI complaints began rising in 2007, firms have handled over 16.5m PPI complaints  and upheld 75% of these complaints

Consumers were sold PPI insurance they didn't need or know about, which often proved to be useless.

Are you paying for insurance you don't need or won't be able to use? We could help you get a PPI refund. All on a no win, no fee* basis.

You borrowed money or wanted a credit card, but your lender insisted that you take out insurance cover in case you couldn't pay. This is PPI, an often expensive cover that’s meant to help you if you can't make your payments. In reality, this cover often proves to be useless when you need it, or you could have purchased it cheaper elsewhere.

Are you paying for insurance you don’t need or won’t be able to use? if so, then you may have been mis-sold PPI.

We along with the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and CAB (Citizen’s Advice Bereau) believe millions of Payment Protection Insurance policies have been mis-sold. We could help you get your mis-sold PPI refund including interest. All on a no win, no fee basis*.

It’s simple. Our expertise in reclaiming mis-sold PPI makes the whole process simple and stress free. Find out right now if you have a claim for PPI compensation. If you have, it's time to reclaim your money. Simply fill in the contact form on the right of this page and a specialist advisor will be in touch.

What exactly is Payment Protection Insurance?

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) is a form of insurance taken out to cover the payment of a specific debt. Usually a PPI policy covers the repayments of the attached debt if the borrower is unable to meet the payments due to loss of income through redundancy, unemployment, illness or disability. A policy will usually pay out after a deferred period of between 1 and 6 months, and continue to pay for up to a year should the loss of income remain. The most typical forms of PPI are Loan Payment Protection (where your loan payments or more commonly the interest part of the loan payments are met by the policy), Mortgage Payment Protection (which covers your mortgage payments), and Store and Credit Card Payment Protection (where either your minimum payment or interest payments are covered).

Can I make more than one claim for a refund?
Yes – most people make several claims for refunds as they have had several Loans and Credit Cards that included PPI cover.

How long will my claim for a refund take?
All claims for refunds are different but on average they take between 2 and 6 months.

Will I need to pay anything upfront and how much is the service?
We take no upfront payments. An industry standard amount of 20% + VAT for PPI claims and 35% + VAT for all other financial products is charged to cover the costs involved in the reclaim process only if a successful reclaim is acheived. Cancellation fees may apply, please see full Terms and Conditions and Charges for details.

What else do I need to know?
The credit agreement you signed at the time of purchasing the Payment Protection Insurance is regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974 as amended.

I haven’t got any loan or credit card documents, can I still claim a refund?
Yes, we at Premier Financial Recoveries LLP can help get the documentation for you.

I am still paying off my loan or  still using my credit card, can I still claim a refund?
Yes, your PPI will be cancelled and remainder of the loan will not be protected by the Policy, but the PPI premiums for cover that you had will be refunded to you, plus you will also get interest you paid on those premiums.

If  I can do this myself why would I use Premier Financial?

Premier  Financial:

  1.  saves you the time, effort and stress of dealing with the complaint alone.
  2.  has been dealing with financial claims for over 6 years.
  3.  has the experience to pin point all the reasons for mis-sold payment protection insurance
  4.  will endeavour to make  sure that the company you're claiming against follows the FCA guidelines and  time limits within the industry.                     

Can  I claim back my payment protection insurance charges if I am in a debt management plan  or an IVA?              

If you have an IVA or debt management plan, you should speak to your plan administrator. Unfortunately Premier Financial will be unable to assist you.

What  else do I need to know?                        

It is your right, and we strongly advise you, to seek further advice and shop around before entering  into a contract with Premier Financial. Once you’ve returned our documentation you will be bound by our Terms Of Engagement.

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Are you paying for insurance you don't need or won't be able to use?
We could help you get a PPI Refund.

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Document Downloads

We have provided links to some documents you may need to help us progress your claim.

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You could earn up to £500 with the Premier Financial referral scheme!

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